This is the contents of a Dark Ride manufacturers catalog.
Nothing here is for sale.

Page 1 - Giant Rat, Mad Doctor, Stick Up and Jungle Jane

Page 2 - Giant Spider (Kennywood), Mad Scientist, Jungle Animals and Buzzards

Page 3 - Dark Ride front, Severed head, Swinging Ape and Knit Wit

Page 4 - Tiki Gods (Belmont Park), Shiverin Indian, Witch Doctor and Jolly Polly

Page 5 - Skull Waterfall, Head Slinger & Lost River (Hershey park)

Page 6 - Boot Hill (Westview Park), Swamp Ghost, Body and Miracle Street Park, FL

Page 7 - Ghoul, Westview Park, LeSourdsville Haunted House, Skeleton & Pirate

Page 8 - Buzzard, Torture Chamber, B Girl, Drummer and Stick Up

Page 9 - Helms Man, Stanley & Livingston, Old Mother Hubbard & Alone Agian

Page 10 - Stick Up, Sleeping Sheriff, Wine Cellar & Welcome

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