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Bike Spoke Decorations

Burger Chef and Jeff Picture

Bunny mask - cut out

Comic w/ Decoder

Face Sticker

Flip Face Premium

Fun Book

Funburger Comic in Package

Funburger Comic

Fun Riddler

Hidden Messages Premium

Iron Ons

Light Switch

Jeff Blow Up

Misc. cut outs - 1970's

Monkey punch out figure

Paint Set

Patch with Package



Tic Tac Toe Game

Wiggle Picture


Air Show Funmeal - front - back - bottom - 1974

At the Circus Funmeal - front - back - bottom - 1974

Blue Burgers Pirate Crew Funmeal - front - back - bottom - 1974

Burger Chef & Jeff Theatre Funmeal - front - back - bottom - 1974

Camero Funmeal

Circus Wagon Funmeal (elephant) - 1981

Cups - 2 different

Drink Lid

Fangburgers Funhouse Funmeal - front - back - bottom - 1974

Fun Burger Boxes - together - broken down - 1974

Fun Burger Boxes - 3 together - 3 broken down - 1974

Fun Burger Wrapper

Funflower Fun Meal - 1980

Fun Meal Gallery - Pics of ten of the 1974 fun meal fronts

The Great Burgerini Magic Show Funmeal - front - back - bottom - 1974

Haunted House Fun Burger Box - front - back

Haunted House Funmeal - front - back - 1979

In the Days of Olde Funmeal - front - back - bottom - 1974

Kid Racer Funmeal

On Outer Space Funmeal - front - back - bottom - 1974

On Safari Funmeal - front - back - bottom - 1974

Out West Funmeal - front - back - bottom - 1974

Starchaser Funmeal

Treasure Chest Funmeal - 1981

Under the Sea Funmeal - front - back - bottom - 1974



Employee Handbook (Buger Chef & Jeff)

Employee Handbook (generic)

Fun Burger Sign (large)

Fun Burger Sign

Hat (early)

Hat (early manager)

Hat (late)

Hidden Treasure Placemat

Lisencee Booklet


Shakes Sign - front - back

Shakes Sign

Snowmobile Contest Form

TV Commercial Storyboard


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Apple Pie Wrapper

Ash Tray


Box Ball

Burrito Wrapper

Clicker - early

Cup - wax cup

Fries Wrapper

Game - front - back

Hamburger Mobile

Haunted House

Jack Key RIng

Jack Mask

Jack Pin Wheel

Jacks Road to Fun fold out games

Jack Steak Box

Jumbo Jack Box - top - sides

Jumbo Jack Postcard

Key Holder

Local TV Show Host Giveaway Picture

Magic CLub Card

Magic Slate Premium Prototype - unproduced

Paper Takeout Bag

Plastic Character Cups

Record & Book #1

Record & Book #2

Record & Book #3

Secret Sauce Agent Mask

Sherrif John Giveaway Picture


Taco wrapper

Takeout Box (1960's) - top/front - side


Bendys store display box

Onion Rings - front - back


Hopscotch Game

Taco Sale

Sooper Scoop Fries

Taco Fiesta

Sooper Scoop - late

Hot Apple Turnover - front - back - 1970's

Chicken with Fries - front - back - 1970's

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A&W Cup

A&W Restraunt Take out box

A&W Straws & Bag

Arthur Treachers takeout box - box - 1970's

Baskin Robbins Store Photo - A-frame building

Burger King Premiums (A)

Burger King Premiums (B)

Burger King Premiums (C)

Burger King Puppet - 1970

Burger King Ring

Carls Jr Iron On

Carls Jr Menu mask

Carls Jr Take Out Box - 1960's

Carls Jr Premiums

Carnation Menu - Bunnys - Punchout Truck

Chicken Delight Takeout Bag - large1970's bag

Charlie Tuna Restraunt Take Out Box

Childrens Menu (clown) - front - interior

Childrens Menu (dog) - front - interior

Dairy Queen Fun House Mirror

Del Taco Iron On

Der Wienersnitzel Bank

Der Weinersnitzel Cup

Dunkin Donuts Munchkins Bucket

Dunkin Donuts Takeout box - top - side - side - 1960's

Glibert Giddy Up Ring - Hardees

Happy Steak Tray - fastfood

Humdinger Monster Display - Shake sign - 1965

IHOP Football Helmet Display - front - back

IHOP Comic Calender - 1977

IHOP Pancake Man Puppet

Little red hen Bucket - Take out chicken - 1960's

Klang Puppet - Taco Bell

Mr Softee Book Cover

Mr Softee Iron On

Mr Softee Ring

Mr Softee Flicker Ring

Mr Steak Puppet

Orange Julius Iron On

Papa Burger Wrapper - A&W

Pioneer Chicken Birthday Club Display - 1970's Plastic

Pioneer Pete Comic Book (A) - Pioneer Chicken

Pioneer Pete Comic Book (B) - Pioneer Chicken

Pirates House Childrens Menu - front - interior

Pizza Hut Pete Puppet

Pup n' Taco Ad

Red Barn Comic Book

Red Barn Height Chart

Red Barn Magic Record

Red Barn Big Fish Hungry Doll

Red Barn Chicken Hungry Doll

Sambos Tiger Hat

Slurpee Cup - 1970's

Speedy McGreedy Cup - Hardees

Tastee Freez Balloon

Van de Kamps Birthday Card

Weinersnitzel Cup

Winchells Halloween Game

Winchells Sounds of Monsters Record

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