TV & Movies Premiums
ABC TV Club Kit

Archies Car

Banana Splits Breakfast Set

Banana Splits Fan Club Kit

Banana Splits Hand Puppets

Banana Splits Records

Beany & Cecil Fan Picture

Beany & Cecil Fan Postcard

Bullwinkle Club Kit

Bullwinkle Coloring Book

Clutch Cargo Fan Club Kit

Crusader Rabbit Clicker

Crusader Rabbit Club Button (large)

Crusader Rabbit Club Button (small)

Crusader Rabbit Patches

Crusader Rabbit Color Pictures

Crusader Fan Card

Dennis the Menace Coloring Book - Dr West's toothbrushes

Dick Dastardly Airplane Telescope

Disneyland Rub Downs set - Jiffy Pop

Flinstones Vitamins book

Gnomemobile Car

H R Pufnstuf Banners

H R Pufnstuf Fun Ring

H R Pufnstuf Hand Puppet

H R Pufnstuf stickers

H R Pufnstuf Record

Huck Hound Club

Josie & the Pussycats Erasers

Josie & the Pussycats Record

Josie & the Pussycats Spoons

Jungle Book Embroidered Patches

Lady and the Tramp Plastic Dogs

Magilla Gorilla Club Letter & TV Tag

Mary Poppins Pop Ups

Pink Panther RPX Car

Pink Panther Spyscope

Pogo Figures

Shari Lewis Finger Puppets

Space Angel Fan Club Material

Tennesee Tuxedo National Park Color Book

Universal Monster Posters - Post cereal

Universal Monster Glow in the Dark Heads - Post cereal

Vulture Squadron Figures

Vulture Squadron Kit

Vulture Squadron Planes

Wacky Races Cars

Webster Webfoot Club Folder

Winnie the Pooh Honeypot Company Kit

Winnie the Pooh Spoonsitters

Winky Dink Fan Postcard

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