In a recent find we were lucky enough to purchase the scrap books from the Bell Brand Potato Chip company. These 5 large books contained many ads, packages, premiums and photos showing the company's various promotions though the years. Their three major promotions of interest to collectors were Beany & Cecil in 1951, Dodgers Baseball Cards in 1961 and Crusader Rabbit also in 1961.
[Beany & Cecil] [Crusader Rabbit] [Bozo] [Boxes] [Bags] [Misc.]

•••BEANY & CECIL - 1951•••
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•••CRUSADER RABBIT - 1961•••
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Store Sign - small

Bozo Photo

Bozo Coloring Picture - attached to bag

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Cowboy Cut Outs - front - back

Jet Plane Cut Outs - front - back

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