GUM BOOK 1 & 2 One of the more interesting things we ever found out the flea market was a giant collection of bubble gum wrappers - not the kind for gum cards but actual bubble gum. It was in two volumes titled GUM BOOK 1 & 2. There were probably over 500 wrappers and packages, many cut down and all taped in the album. The earliest stuff was from 1974 and the last stuff from 1991. These 66 pages are the earliest and most interesting. Almost everything is dated.

PLEASE NOTE - Most of the items in this book have been out of production for many years. Please do not email me to find out if they are still made. THANKS

[American Chicle Co.] [Beechnut] [Cable Car Co.] [Charms Co.] [Clark Gum] [Chicago Dietetic Supply] [Donruss] [Estee Candy Co.] [Fleer] [General Foods Corp.] [Gum Products] [Leaf] [Lifesavers] [Beech-Nut/Lifesavers] [National Chicle Products] [National Products] [Phillip Morris] [Philadelphia chewing Gum Corp.] [Reed Candy Co.] [Spangler candy Co.] [Tom's Food Co] [Topps] [US Chewing Gum] [Warner-Lambert] [WM. Wrigley Jr.] [Misc.]


Page 1 - Adams Sour Orange, Beemans, Chiclets, Dentyne

Page 2 - Zeno, Blammo, MVP

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Page 3 - Assorted Mint, Fruit Stripe, Fancy Fruit

Page 4 - Frosty Mint, Sour Stripes, Fruit Stripe

Page 5 - Carefree, Beechies, Spearmint, Cinnamon, etc.

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Page 6 - Cable Car Bubble Gum

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Page 7 - Blow Pops

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Page 8 - Teaberry, Fruit Punch, Cinnamint, etc.

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Page 9 - Sug'r Like Sugarless Bubble Gum (cherry & grape)

Page 10 - Sug'r Like Sugarless Bubble Gum (fruitty)

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Page 11 - Mouth Full, Nuggets'O'Gold, Love Its, etc.

Page 12 - Super Bubble

Page 13 - Bub's Daddy

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Page 14 - Sugarless Bubble Gum

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Page 15 - Razzles, Chum Gum, Dubble Bubble

Page 16 - Razzles, Quicksand, Big Wad, Watermelon

Page 17 - Big Banana, Cherry Blast, Strawberry Shortcake

Page 18 - Razzles, Sugar Loaf, Peaches & Cream, Gatorgum

Page 19 - Dubble Bubble (bag), Devil Gum

Page 20 - Cherry Blast, Gatorgum, Razzles, Pizza to Blo

Page 21 - Ape Size Razzles, Bubble Mix, Dubble Bubble

Page 22 - Glitter Glove, Wheres the Beef, Dubble Bubble sign

Page 23 - Giggle Gum, Crazy Pak, Quicksand

Page 24 - Crazy Pak, Quicksand, Dubble Bubble

Page 25 - Razzles, Dubble Bubble

Page 26 - Crazy Pak, Dubble Bubble

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Page 27 - Increda Bubble

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Page 28 - Chu More, JT Big Boy, etc.

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Page 29 - Rain-blo, Bubble King Pop, etc.

Page 30 - Jaw-fuls, Gravel, Space Wars, etc.

Page 31 - Superhero, Rain-blo, Pal

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Page 32 - Lifesavers Gum

Page 33 - Fruit Stripe, Supradent

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Page 34 - Beechnut, Beechies

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Page 35 - Harvey's Sugarless Bubble Gum

Page 36 - Harvey's Sugarless Bubble Gum

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Page 37 - Professor Popper's Sugarless, Peter Szazs Sugarless Gum

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Page 38 - Clark Cinnamint, Teaberry, Spearmint

Page 39 - Clark Smile, Spearmint, Peppermint

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Page 40 - Big Boss, Swell, Big Shot, Ice Cream, etc.

Page 41 - Candy Cigarettes

Page 42 - Candy Cigarettes

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Page 43 - Clark Teaberry, Sugar Free, etc.

Page 44 - Clark Cinnamint, Teaberry, Fruit Punch (large)

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Page 45 - Super Dupper, Blo Bubble Gum

•••TOM'S FOOD CO.•••
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Page 46 - It's Great, Beach Balls

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Page 47 - Big Buddy

Page 48 - Bubble Factory, Bozo, Blony, Bazooka

Page 49 - Gumniks, Bazooka, Flavor Mates

Page 50 - Dragon Teeth, Sugarless, Gold Rush, etc.

Page 51 - Bazooka

Page 52 - Bazooka

Page 53 - Bazooka, Tropical Punch

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Page 54 - Uncle Al Sugarless

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Page 55 - Black Jack, Ice Cream Gum, Sour (wrappers)

Page 56 - Sour (packs), Clove, Fruit Fiesta

Page 57 - Chiclets, Super Cherry

Page 58 - Chiclets

Page 59 - Freshen-up, Beemans, Chewels

Page 60 - Freshen-up, Clorets, Bubblicious, Spring

Page 61 - Dentyne

Page 62 - Trident

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Page 63 - Doublemint, Freedent, Big Red, etc.

Page 64 - Orbit, Hubba Bubba, Big Red, etc.

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Page 65 - Farrells, Certs, Quick Lift, etc.

Page 66 - Gold Rush (bag), etc.

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